Mai Banh

I have known Iryne for 7 years and have the privilege of having her as my financial advisor. She is knowledgeable and patient in sharing her knowledge with her clients. I never feel rushed into purchasing an investment product—she always takes time to answer any questions I may have. I find Iryne very accessible and easy to talk to. I have discussed openly with her many of my financial concerns and worries over the years. She listens well and proves to be a sound and dependable advisor.

Daniel Char

Iryne is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and a pleasure to work with. I have referred several of my valued clients to her in regards to their life protection needs and they are all very satisfied with her service.

Michelle Shockness

Iryne has been a superior financial planner, one whom I have trusted for a number of years and to whom I have referred to others. Her knowledge, coupled with her sensitivity to both my short-term and long-term needs, has made her an exceptional financial planner. I would highly recommend Iryne and look forward to many more years of excellent service.

Vivian Li

Iryne is a team-player and an extremely professional financial advisor. She works for the best interest of her clients and provides tailored recommendations to assist her clients in achieving their financial goals. My immense confidence in Iryne's ability not only stems from my relations with Iryne as colleagues, but as one of her proud clients benefiting from her exceptional services. With Iryne, you are rest assured your needs are met and questions answered. I would recommend Iryne to my family, friends and acquaintances in a heart beat.

Ken Stollen

Iryne is a person of high principles and integrity. She will always do the the right thing for her clients, without compromise. With Iryne, her clients' needs come before everything else. I wholeheartedly recommend Iryne as an extremely competent financial advisor...a true professional, a team player and a very special person.